It is good to have someone that will point us to the one who is a rock, fortifies, a refuge, a healing place and a
shield. We all need someone to remind us that life is not defined by our pain but by our union with Christ to obtain
victory. Giving hope is more than convincing people that things will get better or helping them decide what to do.
Hope points people to the light and... Out of the Darkness.
Pastor Sonia Rodriguez
We would like to express our sincere and heartfelt gratitude to Rev. Alfonso Galvano and the Hope Christian Fellowship for generously providing the facilities for our  work.
I believe that a person needs more than other people to improve in life,
God is ever present. We are one of the Lords instruments, an
ambassador who shares a need for God's daily mercy and grace.
We are a group of people chosen to give hope. Suffering commands
our attention and clouds or vision making it easy to forget what anchors
our faith. We know that trouble has such power to blind and confuse us.