To provide transitional housing for women leaving jail.  We provide a safe, structured, comforting and encouraging environment where women can heal, recover and develop the necessary skills and attitudes to succeed in life.

Out of the Darkness,Inc. was instituted in 2013 by Sonia and Luis Rodriguez.  As a social worker for many years, Sonia had seen firsthand the failures of women leaving jail and reentering the Rochester community.  Many had no other choice than to go back to the same dangerous, hostile and unwholesome environment that promoted a criminal and destructive lifestyle.  Some would return to jail or overdose the very week they were released.

Sonia and Luis had the vision to provide a supervised living arrangement for these women where they would have a bed, room, and access to full service kitchen.  Mental health counseling, substance abuse recovery services and case management services are provided as well.

The most important thing Sonia and Luis wanted to provide was hope.  The hope that comes with knowing they are a loved and precious human being and that there is an alternate bright future from their dismal past.  They provide Christian biblical teaching and counseling on a regular basis.  Please view our newsletter to read about the successes of Out of the Darkness, Inc.